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Learning Erlang 31 Oct 2009

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Apache CouchDB ~ Ubuntu

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Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala has just been released. This is big news as this version includes Apache CouchDB, used as a replicable database by desktop apps. This means CouchDB will be on over 10 million desktops” [from Damien Katz]

Erlang tutorial


Ewg: Erlang Wordlist Generator 4 Aug 2009

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Ewg is a Wordlist generator written in Erlang.

Thanks to this simple project I have been improving my knowledge in Erlang/OTP and Git.

I love functional programming and learning more and more… ūüėČ


Erlang at Facebook, SAP, … 26 Jun 2009

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Erlang At? Please add a comment if you use it in your company!

Erlang at BBC

Erlang at Facebook

Erlang at Github

Erlang at SAP

Erlang at 37Signals

Other presentations at


N queens solution with erlang 5 Jan 2009

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“The eight queens puzzle is the problem of putting eight chess queens on an 8√ó8 chessboard such that none of them is able to capture any other using the standard chess queen’s moves. The queens must be placed in such a way that no two queens would be able to attack each other. Thus, a solution requires that no two queens share the same row, column, or diagonal. The eight queens puzzle is an example of the more general n queens puzzle of placing n queens on an n√ón chessboard, where solutions exist only for n = 1 or n ‚Č• 4… ” [Wikipedia]

Below my solution using ERLANG (very strong for concurrent programming, used by Ericsson, Facebook, Amazon,Google,..) with List comprehensions and suggestions from other sites. (more…)